About Us

About the Company

Alpenglow Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd was established in 2017 as one of the first pharmaceutical
manufacturing facility in export processing zone Risalpur. The company commenced operations in
2020.We have a consistent track record of financial performance. Through our range of branded generic
and en-licensed products we have attained market leadership in the areas of Urology, Dermatology and
Respiratory Tract Infections. We offer principal and excellent manufacturing marketing and distribution platform for launching their products in Pakistan Market.

Our Cgmp complain production facility in Nowshera Risalpur is ISO 9001-2015,14001-2015 & 45001-2018 certified and we are fully equipped with state of the art manufacturing and testing equipment. The facility consists of independent sections each with its own dedicated air handling system to avoid cross contamination between different classes of drugs being manufactured.

Our production capabilities include the manufacturing of Tablets(Psychotropic),Capsules, Dry Powder
Suspension and Dry Powder Injection(Cephalosporin).Our facility control laboratory is among the best
equipped in the industry and possess High Performance Liquid Chromatographs(HPLC),Gas Chromatograph(GC), Fourier Transform –IR, Spectrophotometer and UV Visible Spectrometers.

Our lab Testing instruments also contain dissolution,disintegration,digital Hardness Tester and Friability Tester.

Years in Business


To become the most qualitative healthcare company in Pakistan and world wide.


To deliver the best quality products which can improve the quality of life.